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    Making Financial Sense Of Your Divorce

Divorce Sense, LLC provides the following assistance in the divorce process:

  • Pre-Divorce

    Before you enter the divorce process, we assess your unique situation & priorities, from asset valuation, to tax implications, to insurance needs.
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  • During-Divorce

    During the divorce process & settlement agreements, we provide projections and visual representations of financial data that will strengthen and validate your legal case.
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  • Post-Divorce

    After your divorce has been finalized, we work with you on post-divorce budgeting, tax planning, and financial planning, to help you move forward and prepare for your financial future.
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Going through a divorce can be very overwhelming and emotional, so it's easy to overlook some of the financial ramifications of the process. Those financial ramifications, however, can be extremely significant to both spouses, and mistakes or oversights on either side may have a life long impact on one's financial well-being.



At Divorce Sense, LLC, we utilize more than three decades of tax, accounting and financial planning experience to evaluate the unique financial complexities of your divorce, in order to inform you of the short and long-term impact of your settlement options, and to empower you to take control of your financial future.


  • Divorce Financial Planning
  • Financial Statement Construction
  • Forensic Accounting & Hidden Asset Tracing
  • Child Support and Spousal Support Analysis
  • Business Valuation and Stock Option Analysis
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Asset Division Recommendations


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  • Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts
  • Georgia Society of CPAs
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