Our Approach

We assist our clients in navigating the pitfalls of every financial decision during the divorce process, while educating them from the basics of money management to the complexities of estate planning. We work closely with each client (and his or her attorney) to best represent a divorcing client’s financial interests in a compassionate and confidential environment.

Our services are useful in cases where there are complex financial issues, significant assets or an obvious imbalance of the financial knowledge between the two divorcing parties. Our services complement legal services well, because we believe you must have two things to be fully prepared for the divorce settlement process: A good attorney, so that you are fully informed of your legal options, and a good financial professional, so that you fully understand your financial situation & the potential financial outcomes associated with each of those legal options. Divorce lawyers specialize in the law, not in finance, so unique financial circumstances call for a uniquely qualified financial professional.

We continue to work with our clients to ensure efficient implementation of the settlement agreement, and to offer our financial expertise as they transition into their new lives after divorce.

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