At Divorce Sense, our mission is to demystify the financial aspects of divorce.

At Divorce Sense, Our Mission is to demystify the financial aspects of divorce. We provide each of our clients with personalized and comprehensive financial guidance and representation throughout the divorce process, in order to positively impact their financial well-being, confidence, and sustainability. As our client, our mission will translate to your experience in the following ways:

  • We educate you on the financial and tax intricacies involved in your unique situation
  • We evaluate your short & long-term goals and priorities to help you factor those into settlement decisions

  • We encourage you to develop the positive money habits and lifelong financial skills you’ll need to make well-informed financial decisions throughout your life

  • We empower you to take control of your financial wellness by knowing when to utilize your knowledge and skills in financial matters, and when to seek the support of financial professionals

  • We extend to you our network of carefully-selected financial professionals, in a variety of specialized financial areas, so that we can continue to represent your best financial interests by referring you to financial professionals who will represent your best financial interests

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